“You know it’s a lie, but it consumes you.”

Written By: BRAIN LADY BLOG - Jun• 17•14
(this is a recreation of a post originally done on 4-02-14, which was spammed to death. Here is the new life of it!)

Usually he could follow a conversation, and be somewhat curious about thinking differently.

Not today.

He was under a dark cloud. As we looked at situations in his life, he said just couldn’t see one positive thing.

“You know it’s a lie, but it consumes you….it is impending doom.”

So, we drew the brain like it was cut in half, and did an art thinking exercise, where he could draw the different parts of his brain. Today, we looked that the cingulate, a wonderful part of the brain that is beween the reactive limbic system and the frontal lobe executive thinking system.  As we drew the amygdala keeping him in a state of alert, and the hippocampus that kept firing off doom and gloom memory lessons, it was the idea that there was a way for oxygen and neurons firing to get up to the frontal lobe system, so he could see the truth.

“The truth is I am a meth addict under construction.”

Bingo.  A brain healing from so much chemical crud. A limbic system learning to fire off serotonin and dopamine feel good chemicals all by itself.

Construction take time. It is messy. It is hard work. But, he left the office encouraged that he was doing better, that there was hope.

Got a messy mind project we can work on? Come in to the office, and learn about your brain, and how to train it!

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