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The Outer Lobes of the Brain
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Inside the brain: amygdala image 11898161 purchased from dreamstime.com, modified

A great place to start is to learn about a part deep inside your brain: your amygdala, part of the limbic system.  Your amygdala is part of the gatekeepers of your brain. Is it a bear: RUN!  Did my husband just say that again: REACT! Same thing scaring me again: PANIC!  Understanding more about this little almond shape part that has a memory, allows you as to be a “high road” thinker, using your best thinking systems or be a “low road” thinker to just react. That reaction can cause tension, frustration, fear, anger. When we learn to recognize the signs of that tension quicker, and turn of the danger response system, then we can access best thinking more often.

Brain Training teaches you a method of thinking to notice that tension, engage your curiosity to see what part of the brain that response is coming from, and what you would look like in full strength in your situation.

We all make sense for where we have come from, what we have been through. Come in to the office and start retraining your brain!