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Have you ever wondered how to start learning more about your brain?

Or have you ever been curious about praying for your brain, or for the behaviors of others?

ANNOUNCING the release of Brain Prayers: Explore Your Brain, Expand Your Prayers.  A full color book on ten brain systems, in a thirty day presentation, with prayers you can pray for you and your brain on one side. On the other side of the page are prayers you can pray for someone else.

So, these pages are for you whether:
-     you have a minute, or
-     you have an hour
-    you didn’t even know you have an amygdala, or
-    you are neuroscientist
-    you are not even sure how to pray, or
-    you have prayed for years

A Sample Page of the book, showing format.

Order your copy, and a few more to give away, at!

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