It wasn’t backed up. Make a new one!

Written By: brain lady blog - Mar• 24•14

STRESS! A Google image.

In a hosting snafu last fall, I lost the web page for my brain training and counseling business that I had developed over the last three years. Dozens of blog entries, gone!

Hosting dude says “didn’t you back it up?”  Umm, yes, I did! On the lap top that was stolen last September!

I could feel the sense of loss and mounting frustration. So many things have had to be recreated in the last months (basically, a whole book!), and now another big job!  I could feel that tension. Forehead. Tears very close. Breathing hard. I knew my amygdala was sending danger hormones throughout my system. Panic attack around the corner, as there was just too many things to do over.

But wait!  What would I look like without acceptance for needing to recreated the whole web site? I would be a storming mess. I could see that clearly.

So! What would I look like accepting that yet another thing had to be recreated.  My forehead would relax. Tears would go away. I would feel the blinking from a shift of oxygen up to my frontal lobe, and my problem solving self would get to work. Life lesson from 2013 seemed to be “the results are so much better the second time around.”

Ta Da! Here is the new web site.

If you have situations in your life filling you with a sense of danger or tension or fear or anxiety, give me a call, and let’s see what you would look like having access to your best state of mind!

Clear Thinking classes are also available on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday evenings.

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