“Something bad in there, it keeps thumping.”

Written By: brain lady blog - Dec• 16•14

“Something bad in there, it keeps thumping.”

He was trying to describe for me what his anxiety felt like, and how he couldn’t verbalize it.

“You can hear it thumping.

It must be big, and it must be vicious.

I can feel the pain of it. I just can’t put my finger on it.”

He had lived with that thumping for years. So, we talked about the amygdala as his alert system. It had been at alert for so many years, that it had become dangerous to even pull apart what the “danger – bear” messages were.

Source: wikimedia

We noticed what the thumping panic felt like when he first felt it coming on.   We talked about breathing differently at that point, as that amygdala needed to be retrained that he wasn’t in danger. That the thumping wasn’t helpful.

Gradually, we were able to pull apart what the tensions, fears, frustrations and bad memories were. One at a time, so that amygdala didn’t have to hijack his brain with great thumpings, thinking that was protection.

He still works hard. But, no more thumping.

If you know what he was talking about, give me a call, and let’s retrain your amygdala!

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