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I’ve learned a totally different way of thinking.

We met off and on for the first year of his recovery.  The second year, it has been ever week. And now the 23 year old single Dad is excited. He is learning about his brain and how to do his own thinking without the drugs he relied on for years, or without the panic […]

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It wasn’t backed up. Make a new one!

In a hosting snafu last fall, I lost the web page for my brain training and counseling business that I had developed over the last three years. Dozens of blog entries, gone! Hosting dude says “didn’t you back it up?”  Umm, yes, I did! On the lap top that was stolen last September! I could feel […]

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Why Learn About Your Brain?

Welcome to learning about a marvelous part of you that determines why you do what you do! Your brain. Can you change what you do? Can you heal from the past? Absolutely.

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